About Us

Richter10.2 Video came into existence as a byproduct of our comprehensive business to business services offered under the Richter10.2 Media Group umbrella. We act as a relationship liaison for our corporate clients, introducing them to their exact target audience and creating interest and reach for their products and services from genuinely qualified prospects.

As a part of that full service offering, we create short and simple videos explaining the exact value proposition each client offers and why itʼs so helpful to that target audience. These videos proved so successful and the feedback was so positive that we decided to offer this same service to the public. The results speak for themselves, with Richter10.2 Video becoming a million dollar company in its first 90 days. Clearly there is a need for affordable, quality videos that quickly explain the value of a product or service without a lot of corporate speak, smoke and mirrors, and mumbo jumbo. Sales and business are about people. Our videos arenʼt about our clients; theyʼre about the prospect – their needs and wants, challenges and pain points. And theyʼre incredibly effective.