Robert Cornish
Co-Founder and CEOIn early 2008 after developing a specific method for using online tools for PR and sales, Robert co-founded Richter10.2 Media Group to focus exclusively on driving business for their clients using the same strategies and methods. The company has been successful since inception and continues to set the pace to earn it’s position as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Learn more about Robert here

twitter: @robertmcornish

Wil Seabrook
Co-Founder and COOWil brings the same level of passion and idealism to his work as he does to every area of his life. Wil’s strengths lie in identifying how communication and messaging can be improved across new media platforms, whether it be through branding, honing a message, or creating a video trailer that perfectly captures a client’s business model and makes it simple to understand. Learn more about Wil here

twitter: @wilseabrook

Spencer Barnes
Video Production DirectorOriginally from Australia, Spence moved to the States with his family in 2002. He joined the company as one of the very first employees and has always been on the front lines of Richter’s developing services. He is an avid golfer and is often found discussing the next weekend’s round with Jake. Spence is the lead singer in the band WD-HAN, gaining a following by playing out all over Florida. Learn more about Spence here

twitter: @spencerbarnes

Alex King
Video Sales RepresentativeAs a sales representative, Alex helps our prospects understand the importance of our video trailers and how our process and company work. Knowing the power of using Social Media and the importance of every business becoming a force on the web, he lends his expertise to each prospect. His other passions include sports and acting. Alex resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife. Learn more about Alex here
Rex Perry
Web/Multimedia Designer/DeveloperSince the age of 14, Rex has been passionate about music, graphic design and technology. Now, as a web, graphic and multimedia designer, with a combined total of over 25 years of experience in those areas plus 15 years of sales, marketing and public relations, he is able to create aesthetic, professional and effective multimedia products that have real impact and get great response for clients. Learn more about Rex here
Max Choiniere
Web PR Consultant and Account RepresentativeMax helps with the detailed tasks of ensuring that every aspect of a client’s campaign is carried out to the highest standard and as directed. A native of South Bend, Indiana, Max moved to Florida in 2003. In addition to his work at Richter he is working towards his Bachelors Degree in Finance. Max enjoys seeing Richter’s clients obtaining more and more public reach for their products and services. Learn more about Max here
Ben Folk
With a background in communications, social marketing and networking, Ben’s main focus is to assist clients in to achieving their goals through use of video. He fully subscribes to the idea that our bottom line should always be reflected by our clients’ bottom line. Outside of Richter, Ben is a baseball aficionado and published sportswriter.