When asked about their experience working with Richter and whether they would do it again, our clients had this to say:

“Incidentally, we just sent out today our first major email blast that links to our video.  Our results have been awesome – people are not only watching the video, they’re registering for our webinar in droves.  Huge win!  And thanks for your role in this success and thanks to all of Richter.” – Josh Hauser, InsideOut Development

“Absolutely bloody amazing!!! I am holding myself back from swearing like a trooper I am so happy.” – Decideware

“Yes, absolutely. It was amazingly easy to work with everyone at Richter from the initial strategy session to the video production.” – Chris Bailey, Journyx
“Very good. Easy to work with, responsive and good quality. I plan on using Richter again.” – Victor Kippes, Validar

“I had a fabulous experience working with the Richter team. It may have been the best [money] I have spent on marketing in my career! Yes, I would do it again!”- Nicole Michelson, Popmoney

“The experience was great, and YES I would do it again.” – Israel Fleischer, Jivetel

“Our experience was pleasant, overall, and ended up exceeding expectations. We will likely engage the Richter team again.” – Scott Hayes, DBI Software

“It was fantastic, from start to finish everyone worked with me to complete the project in a timely manner. I am definitely going to use the Richter team again!” – Jennifer Howell, DSPanel.com