Richter10.2 Video Establishes New Presence in Melbourne Australia

Los Angeles, CA June 22 – Richter10.2 Video ( opens a new office in Melbourne Australia

Richter10.2 Video recently established a new office in Melbourne Australia. With the Australian market growing and new business established as well as current companies growth trends, Richter10.2 decided that the time was right to open and establish a presence in Australia to cater to local companies. Richter10.2 has seen very aggressive growth since inception as the demand for online video trailers continues to play a central role for companies to communicate and promote their product, service or brand in a simple user friendly way. Rory Barnes has been named the new Director of Sales for the Melbourne office and will be heading the office to start expanding the presence and working with local Australian companies to develop video trailers for their firms.

Wil Seabrook, President of Richter10.2 Video stated, “Nowadays we’re all being bombarded with information from every angle, every moment of our waking lives. We have found that by really focusing on the audience for each video – the problems they’re facing and the solutions they’re looking for – and reaching out to them in a no nonsense, helpful way, our videos cut through the noise and create a genuine impact on that audience. We expect that the Australian market and companies will see the same success with video that we have seen with our US and Canadian based clients.”

“We’re genuinely excited to be working with Australian companies and expanding our presence to help their businesses grow through the use of video. People have become less and less patient as it relates to reading text content and have opted for simpler visuals that get to the point. No matter how complex the topic, we’ve proven time and again that we can reduce things down to simplicities and ensure they communicate in a way that gets real results.” stated Robert Cornish, Co-Founder and CEO of Richter10.2 Media Group.

Richter10.2 Video is an online video agency that is focused on expanding client companies through producing videos that communicate effectively in way that gets a response. For further information please contact 727-447-3600 or email

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