Video Division Spikes Strong Demand

Clearwater, FL, Apr 1 – Richter10.2 Media Group ( sees a huge spike in demand for online video trailers for 2011

Richter10.2 launched their new online video division at the beginning of 2011, which has shown strong overall demand and growth numbers for the 1st quarter ending March 30, 2011. It’s evident that video is a hot item these days with companies looking for ways to simplify their promotional material, sales pitch and value proposition to result in clarity of message. With the public becoming more impatient about sales material, direct, conversational videos that are two minutes or less have proven to be the secret sauce when it comes to getting attention and response.

Wil Seabrook, COO and Production Director of Video Services says, “Nowadays we’re all being bombarded with information from every angle, every moment of our waking lives. We have found that by really focusing on the audience for each video – the problems they’re facing and the solutions they’re looking for – and reaching out to them in a no nonsense, helpful way, our videos cut through the noise and create a genuine impact on that audience.”

For companies looking to get their message out to their audience in a simple and effective as well as affordable manner, online video trailers seem to be the ideal method for doing so. People have become less and less patient as it relates to reading text content and have opted for simpler visuals that get to the point.

Richter10.2 Media Group is a PR + Sales Agency focused on expanding client companies through creating reach and sales, resulting in overall growth for their clients. Richter10.2 Media Group was founded in March 2008, celebrating its third year this past month. For further information please contact 727-447-3600 or email

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